Secrets To Timeless Paradise

Secrets To Timeless Paradise

As I’ve stated in my previous Timeless Paradise blog entry, I am a retired professor, retirement was a difficult adjustment for me, and when I retired, I didn’t have any hobbies. As time went by, I knew I had to do something.

So I took up art!

When I am in my studio (the Laboratory) many things occur; the atmosphere is quite a sight. I never know what I will discover that day…a unique creation or paint all over me or both!

Just imagine creating an art piece with one hand. It can become very messy because many things fall on the ground. Music is always on, so people cannot hear the falling objects. As far as the creation, I have tried many mediums, needless to say, there is a lot of crap in the Laboratory. I know where everything is, REALLY!

Sometimes I just sit there with absolutely no clue what to create. When that happens, I will clean the Laboratory. Creativity is messy…so it says on my desk!

All the same, I feel at peace in my definition of Paradise.

As part of my new hobby, I decided to take a class on card making. Making cards looked easy to do. I tried making a card with the technique that they taught us. But my cards didn’t look like my other classmates. Their cards looked perfect. On the other hand, my cards were very unique.

I couldn’t cut any flowers. They also taught us how to use stamps. But my stamps were blurry. I couldn’t color inside the lines as well.

They taught us all sorts of technique, for example, embossing, foiling and other techniques. I did some coloring as well. I also tried different techniques that required two hands. One hand would hold the paper in place. And the other hand would do the work. I was so frustrated because nothing I did looked good to me. I tried painting alcohol marking with stamping but they looked like crap.

It took about a year of difficult effort for my artwork to look pleasing in my eyes. Building art is one thing, but it is also tiring. I knew I had to take more classes for the foundation to blend the colors.

But thankfully I didn’t give up, and I learned some secrets on designing my paradise:
1. I figured out a way so that I could hold the paper down. I used magnets! I have a magnetic board to hold the paper down. You put the magnet on a piece of paper to put it in place.

2. I used stencils with moderation to help with my creation.

3. I also used a machine (Cricut) to help me cut out the flowers and other things.

4. I had to find water colors that I didn’t need to put the caps back on. I had a difficult time opening the containers for the paint.

5. I also bought brushes that I didn’t need to wash. The hardest thing was to put each brush with a different color, My hand was shaking so I had paint everywhere.

6. I had to use the gloves to paint. Every time I had to paint, I needed gloves because the paint would go all over my body.

7. I also got a paper cutter to help me cut the shapes, that was a lifesaver! It is very hard to cut with a shaky hand.

8. I only create whenever I feel my best because it’s easy to tell when I am not feeling good…my creations sucked. When you look at my art, there is no straight lines. I wonder why?

My hope is to enlighten you with my secret techniques from my creations. There is never a dull moment in the Laboratory. I am very passionate at what I do in creating my art. That is why I need a lot of patience.

Now you know some of my secrets in designing my Timeless Paradise.

It took me three years to finally figure it out, and it got a lot easier as the years passed. I became more productive. I knew what worked best for me. I used watercolors.

I have also been creating are in other mediums, which I will discuss in future blogs.

If you’re interested in a part of my journey and art and would like to know more about it, feel free to drop me a line and ask. I will try my best to accommodate.

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