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Welcome to Timeless Paradise

Say goodbye to plain walls…hang a timeless piece of art on them!

Hi, I’m Christine McCohnell and I offer unique traditional and digital paintings as well as decoupage and written pieces here at Timeless Paradise. You won’t run out of eye-catching art pieces for your home or office. What makes my artworks unique is that I created them all using only one hand.

“Timeless” means not being restricted to a particular period of time, but encompassing across ages. On the other hand, “paradise” is a beautiful and peaceful place, somewhere that seems to be perfect in a rural, tropical setting.

However, no dictionary can define the deeper meaning of my Timeless Paradise. For me, paradise is not a place or landscape, but the internal bliss of the essence within your soul.

Paradise is something that stems internally, while timeless describes something that never ends. As such, we can say that the ultimate and lifetime goal for most people is to obtain a sense of utopia. Sadness may interfere with our paradise, but we still have to navigate all the passages of our lives, both the good and bad times. It’s how we act to circumstances that will bring us back to the state of paradise.

So what do you think Timeless Paradise is?

The best quality creations take time to make. We must not rush the design and process. This way, we allow a steady, smooth flow within our well-being. Timeless Paradise, then, thrives in expressing a positive outlook in each and every creation.

Thank you for visiting the Timeless Paradise website. I hope you’ll take some time to view my thoughts on this blog, and to view some of my artwork here…and maybe even select a piece to decorate your home.

Christine McCohnell

Christine McCohnell is a former professor of Disability Studies at Ramapo College. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Ramapo, and a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Seton Hall University. While attending Ramapo, she was accepted into the Institute of Leadership Education Empowerment for the Disabled Students.

Christine is the author of a memoir, “Only You, Christine, Only You!!”, her story of life with a disability and being a professor. She currently lives in Maui, and is an artist of various creations done using only one hand.