“Only You Christine, Only You!!” Book Excerpt

“Only You Christine, Only You!!” Book Excerpt

To tell you more about me and my life, I’ve included this excerpt from my book, “Only You Christine, Only You!” You can purchase this book on Amazon, or you can purchase it through me and I will autograph it for you. (Incidentally, I no longer live in Central New Jersey…)

As a woman with Cerebral Palsy, I strongly believe that I am qualified to share wisdom that only I have gained from my life. Also, as a professor of Disability Studies at Ramapo College of New Jersey, this memoir may help the reader to understand this academic discipline.

As a professor with CP, educating future generations in university intertwines with my personal experiences. My “personal interest” in writing this memoir was not my own; it was my mother’s dream to have her daughter write her life story. I wrote this memoir as a “thank you” to her. By the time the book was finished, I felt a need to publish it because I thought it might be of interest to more people than just my mother.

My life is far from a Hallmark story, and this manuscript is not about overcoming or accomplishing — it’s just a story of one life.

I am a wife to a beautiful soul. You will read about him throughout the book. We live in central New Jersey, with tons of plants. My passion is to help others to understand Disability Studies, thus my husband and I are worldwide travelers and we cherish our surroundings, wherever we may be. I have three nieces and one nephew, all beautiful and uniquely distinct. My sister is my best friend and my brothers have protected me throughout my life. My father is my hero and I’m his little girl.

Thanks, Dad.

So come with me and enjoy the journey, which happens to “Only You, Christine, Only You!

If you’re interested in a part of my journey and art and would like to know more about it, feel free to drop me a line and ask. I will try my best to accommodate.

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