The imagery of Mr. and Mrs. McCohnell’s growth, of the 18 years together. The couple discovered a common fascination of Palm tree’s. In celebration of the 18 years, each element that is portrayed, and the imager

While you are observing, as you look c losely to the creation, we discover that the green represents grass, with an incline to the Palm tree, and the initial stages of growth. The two seeds represent the two individuals as separate entities, as the Palm tree and the seed begins to intertwine with one another, we are allowing the trunk to represent a strong foundation: for example all the differences, and similarities alike that creates an intense love affair which allows us to develop relationships with each other’s cohorts. We all recognize the growth between each other, has external events that occur, ranging into life milestones, hardships, challenges, that tests our love. The grass represents the rugged and unique experiences from our past. The sand represents the infatuation (honeymoon phase). The darkness of the sand represents the first turmoil of which challenges we face, after the initial challenges, a calmness will overflow each other’s souls. As we progress into the Ocean, we realize the Tides are unpredictable, and each of us, has to learn how to navigate through the external stresses that precedes into one another. Time to time, we need to rely on our past, to determine if the relationship that we have built, is a solid one. Some couples, will never pass this milestone due to their dependence, and their career. As a couple observes one another’s stresses, they must come together, to calm the storm. As trials and tribulations, are slowly appearing, the  couple must rely on each other’s advice to solve problems, and their personality might clash, but in time will build a stronger bond to explore the outside world on their own. This represents the darkest color of the ocean, we are moving forward to the unknown, and we are not as protective on our past, rather than colliding together to make it work. In the waves, the shades of blue represents foundation that we are familiar with, from our past, in order to find peace, and tranquility as one. This phase will take several years due to life’s momentum on both individuals. Once that point is reached, we again can see the separation of the branches that we face externally, however we see the comfort zone, that turns into bliss. The heart represents the middle of the tree, that represents the home we protect as a safe haven, only a few people will be allowed to enter our sacred place that we call home, and will be a permanent element in our lives, that will guide us, and our relationship to home is not a physical landmark, the home is us, two souls together assisting the community, and loved ones. The branches represent that we are confident, that we can explore different avenue’s: Example..Hobbies, Careers, Friendships that we can explore on our own. The leaves represent the external complexities of the real world, that we have to cope with on our own, it might be new experiences, and new events that weaves in and out of our lives. Ironically the leaves overlap to represent that no matter how hard the stresses of the outside world are, we rely on each other in our sacred home. The rainbow represents the goodness, the peacefulness, the hard work, and difficult challenges that we are facing, due to health issues. As we work together in our home, we often find ourselves over the rainbow where lemon drops…

The clouds represents our dreams together, the Sunset is a strong reminder, that everyday is a brand new one, with trials and tribulations, that we can overcome with the strongest bond, entitled home. The Gold at the end of the rainbow, is pure bliss, and safety, new exciting experiences that we entailed in the beginning of the growth of the relationship.